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Audit 7000

The Audit 7000 is an ultrasonic precision thickness gauge and is available in four options to suit budget and application.

Advantages of the Audit 7000 include:

  • Field upgradeable software options including live waveform, datalogger or both
  • Vibrate Alarm
  • Backlit display, variable light intensity for indoor and outdoor modes
  • Accessory Mount


The Audit 7000 is an advanced thickness gauge, offering a 3.5” high resolution, sunlight readable colour display, with live A-Scan and is compatible with a wide variety of contact, delay line and immersion probes from 1-20 MHz as default.  Custom created and stored applications setups are also configurable.

B-Scan and Datalogger functions are optional, with up to 32GB of SD card memory and can be interfaced to Microsoft Excel. The vibrate on alarm feature is a market first and is ideal for working in noisy environments.

Download our brochure:
Audit 7000 (710.6KB)


Standard Kit



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