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Eddy Current

Teledictor 4618

Segregators operate by comparing the electromagnetic properties of a test sample with those of a known component (the standard). The Teledictor 4618 is designed for bench top use, and for integration into new or legacy process control systems. The Teledictor can be interfaced to automatic test systems, feed conveyors and sorting gates.

Advantages of the Teledictor 4618 include:

  • Chemical changes within a material can also be detected.

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Segregators are often used for sorting mixed materials, separating most qualities of ferrous and non-ferrous metals at stages of raw material, semi-finished and finished components condition. Coils which are energised by an alternating current, are used, into which the components are placed. When a product is introduced into one of these coils, current is induced in it’s secondary windings, modified in phase and amplitude in relation to its primary current. The amount of phase and amplitude change will depend on the electromagnetic properties of the material and this change is displayed on the instrument display. “State of balance” is achieved when a product having the same properties as the “standard” is introduced into the second coil. However if the product introduced into the second coil has different electromagnetic properties to that of the standard, the display will show an “out of balance” condition, not of the same quality, and this can be monitored or removed. The Teledictor is therefore ideal for monitoring heat treated conditions, changes in metallurgical structure, sorting by hardness of materials of dimensional parameters.

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