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Eddy Current

Eddy Current testing is one of several non-destructive testing methods that uses the electromagnetism principle for flaw detection in conductive materials.

A coil is energised with an alternating-current is placed close to the test piece, generating a changing magnetic field which interacts with the test-part and produces eddy currents in the inspection area. Variations in the changing phases and magnitude of these eddy currents are then monitored.  Variations in electrical conductivity, magnetic permeability, or the presence of any discontinuities, will cause a changes in the eddy current.  The changes are analysed and interpreted to identify defects.


Eddy Current NDT is ideal for the detection of surface and near-surface cracks as small as 0.5mm, the detection of defects through several layers, including non-conductive coatings,  and complex geometry NDT.  Additionally being as Eddy Current is a non-contact method and therefore suited for the inspection of high-temperature and underwater surfaces.  Eddy Current NDT technology is easily adaptable for inspection automation eg to inspect uniform parts newly manufactured or in-service.


Baugh and Weedon are a leading entity within a group of companies, expanding NDT the technology offered to the market and improving communication channels and turnaround times to our customers.  We work closely alongside ETher NDE who experts in the field of eddy current NDT equipment design and manufacture.  If are looking for a wider range of Eddy Current equipment, please explore the ETher NDE website and get in touch.

Eddy Current