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The PipeCheck 3 is the latest “water pipe verifier” in the PipeCheck Series that has been used successfully in the UK Gas and Water industries for many years.

Advantages of the PipeCheck 3 include:

  • Straightfoward to use
  • Saving cost by eliminating “wrong pipe” identification/excavation
  • Visual Alarms for operator assurance


PipeCheck 3 is a simple to use hand-held instrument which positively identifies pipes filled with water and other fluids. PipeCheck 3 is designed to address the major identification problems, experienced by engineers engaged mostly in the water and gas service industries, when old cast or spun iron pipes are exposed.

When the instrument detects a full water pipe a green light and audible alarm are activated, the “water response”. If the pipe does not contain water, for example  gas or air,  a red “warning” light is illuminated. Numerous red lights only, suggest a gas pipe, a “dead” pipe, a telecom trunking, a cable duct, or a heavily corroded and constricted water pipe.

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