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Audit 500

The Audit 500 is a Multi-Echo Wall Thickness & Corrosion gauge, with B-Scan, Material Analyzer & Datalogger.

Advantages of the Audit 500 include:

  • DataCentre Software - a universals program for data downloads, preparing custom reports
  • Adjustable gain and trigger
  • Material condition analyser
  • Real time B-Scan graphics


The Audit 500 gauge has a material condition analyser and B-Scan functionality to generate real time graphic representations at speeds of up to 20Hz, ideal for the inspection of structures that may have defects such as corrosion or pitting which can occur across a variety of environments such as offshore structures, pipes, tanks, valves, pressure vessels, boilers, ship hulls, or any other material that is subject to corrosion and wear; even with coatings such as paint. This gauge can also be used to measure the thickness of plastics.

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