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Magnetic Flux Leakage


Baugh and Weedon have been designing and manufacturing the TruFlux MFL for a number of years, with customers around the globe in the UAE, Singapore, Phillipines, Taiwan, Area, Israel, India, Greece, Brazil and Mexico amongst others.

Advantages of the Truflux MFL system include:

  • High resolution increasing POD
  • Lightweight, 55kg (inc. battery)
  • Easy to transport, total shipping weight under 80kg.
  • USB connectivity means the Truflux effectively works as a simple “plug and play” unit
  • Off-the-shelf battery technology


The TruFlux is an industrial high resolution digital tank floor plate scanner, using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), for tank floor plate inspection; featuring innovative operator focussed design features. The TruFlux incorporates a unique damping system designed to alleviate the high forces required to break magnetic contact with the inspection surface, giving the operator great control over lift-off and placement. The TruFlux detects corrosion on both top and bottom surfaces, meeting API653. Inspection though coatings is standard, up to 6mm and can inspect thicker plates up to 20 mm (3/4 in) thick.

Developments in the TruFlux software deliver a user-friendly operating system, with an improved data acquistion software (DAQ),  enabling quick intuitive set up and a faster plate scan time. It is well documented that for this type of Magnetic Flux Leakage technique, speed variations whilst scanning cause adverse effects on data quality. TruFlux employs a proprietary Speed Compensation Algorithm to help remove resulting spurious indications. With USB connectivity, Scan Data can be easily transmitted back to base, so that inspection data review and report writing can commence while technicians are continuing to work in the Tank.

First line in-field support is available for the TruFlux MFL Scanner with the optional TruFlux spares kits, available with or without a MagnaCheck 3D, meaning key components can easily be replaced/repaired by operators on on-site; eliminating lengthy downtimes and interruptions to scheduled maintenance plans.

Download our brochure:
Truflux_B&W Tank Floor Scanner_Iss4.pdf (947.9KB)



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