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Audit 106

Our Audit range of thickness gauges provide operators with a combination of accuracy, robustness and simplicity of operation, across a very broad range of industry sectors and applications, often seems as essential tools in the kit for the Plant Maintenance Engineer or Engineering Surveyor.

Advantages of the Audit 106 include:

  • Built in warning display eliminates risk of spurious readings
  • 10 pre-set calibrations for commonly inspected materials


The Audit 106 is exceptionally tough,  housed in a rigid hermetically sealed ABS case, with a front panel membrane ensuring excellent environmental protection.  From pipelines to pressure vessels, tubes to tankers, castings to casings, boilers to bunkers,  the Audit series is ideal an ideal on-site instrument to measure abrasion wear rates, rates of corrosion, aid in predictive maintenance scheduling and assess working plan without the need to shutdown.

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