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Dereo HE

In NDT, image quality is key and therefore constant potential generators are a must. X-RIS have developed solutions in portable NDT have evolved beyond what has been in the market up until now.

Advantages of the Dereo UP include:

  • All X-RIS systems work across a brad scope of applications
  • Extremely portable and robust
  • High resolution X-Ray imaging


Portable high energy X-Ray DDA for heavy duty inspections.

Dereo HE (High Energy) is ideal for the X-Ray of high density materials and large thickness depths. Due to the sensitivity of electronic components to ionizing radiations Dereo HE has been designed in such a way that the electronic components sensitive to X-rays have been relocated next to the active area where they can be shielded.

Dereo HE is compatible with all sources (X-ray, gamma, betatrons, linear accelerators,…) and all energies thanks to its design and internal shielding.

Applications include:

  • Profile Radiography
  • Welds and Castings
  • Corrosion under Insulation (CUI)
  • Ammunitions
  • Concrete & Infrastructure

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Dereo HE (683.8KB)


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