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CETA Crawler

CETA wall crawler is one of the latest generation of storage tank wall crawlers supplied by Tecnitest Ingenieros S.L., an advanced NDT Engineering company with over 30 years experience in developing turnkey systems and instrumentation for NDT.

Advantages of CETA Wall Crawlers include:

  • Complete Scan ‘A’ scans are automatically stored in a database for recording and re-call
  • Software performs automatic data capture and positioning

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The CETA Crawler has the ability to move over riveted plates and structural welds, that can be encountered in various sites around the world, using Ultrasonic inspection techniques to map the thickness profile of a tank wall, from the outside. Considered application design and build features mean that the CETA Crawler can be manoeuvred around obstacles easily, using the controller. The CETA series has been developed to meet the requirements of API 653. The data acquisition system allows high speed movement measuring thicknesses every 1mm with accurate control of position and measurement accuracy better than 0.1mm.

All A-scans are stored for future analysis and a B Scan presentation can be provided from the A scan data. Alongside signal filtering and data processing the dedicated software system allows for the elimination of false or deviant measurements, outside of user defined thresholds, calculates average values within a user defined range and, according to API-653 specification for the inspection of oil storage tanks, the calculation of actual minimum acceptable thickness and maximum allowable tank capacity.

The embodied wheel probe is virtually dry contact, with an on-board water reservoir to dampen the wheel as it moves over the inspection area.

Download our brochure:
CETA-L (194KB)

CETA-S (195.3KB)


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