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Magnetic Particle Inspection


The MagnaCheck 3D is a Tangential Field Strength Meter, also known a Gaussmeter, which is a device used to measure the strength and direction of a magnetic field. Baugh and Weedon offer a standard “1D” probe or a unique 3D probe which can measure the strength of a field in 3 dimensions (x, y and z).

Advantages of the MagnaCheck include:

  • “3D Probe” measures field strength on 3 planes (X,Y and Z) simultaneously


The MagnaCheck gauges are developed to be easy to use, ergonomic and are lightweight at 350g (0.77lbs). The standard 1D probe can up to 1000 Gauss, and the 3D probe up to 2000 Gauss; until of measurement can be in Gauss, mTsela and Ka/m.  Sensor calibration is stored digitally in the probe with a measurement accuracy of 1%.

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MagnaCheck (445.8KB)


Standard Kit


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