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Magnetic Particle Inspection

Annis Meters

Annis Meters/Gauss meters, sometimes referred to as field strength meters, are used to discover or determine the magnitude and polarity of residual magnetic fields. The calibrated magnetometer is quick and handy to use, giving an instant indication of unacceptable levels of magnetism that may be present in components.

Advantages of the Annis Meter include:

  • Instant residual magnetism data
  • All meters are calibrated before shipment and have a dated calibration sticker


It is a common factor that  there is often residual magnetism in iron or steel objects. Determining “how much” magnetism is remains in parts or structural elements is important and often curial for many critical components. Alloy steels, those that are heavily cold worked or heat treated, are open to retaining magnetism especially after having been exposed to strong magnetic fields such as those use in Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI) etc.  Levels of residual magnetism can be instantly determined using an Annis Meter.


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