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Magnetic Particle Inspection

Audit ST-1

To maintain product quality, it is important that every aspect of an inspection system is monitored regularly. The performance of an MPI system is dependent on a number of parameters, each of which must be within acceptable procedural limits. Where magnetizing equipment is fitted with a timer to control shot duration, it must be calibrated on a regular basis, usually to an accuracy within ± 0.1sec.

Audit ST-1 comes with a comprehensive 2 year warranty.



The Audit ST-1 is a precision hand-held electronic timer that is specifically designed to check timer controls fitted to MPI benches and with a resolution of 0.02sec, the Audit ST-1 is able to make accurate measurement of the duration of a magnetizing shot in respect of AC, HWDC and FWDC waveforms, these are indicated in the results. Our Audit Shot Timer operates equally for current flow, coil and flux flow magnetizing methods and can accommodate dual shots; recording both the first and second shot times, plus the duration of the rest interval.

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