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Magnetic Particle Inspection


A wide range of additional equipment may be fitted to or powered by a MAGAZON Bench Series to extend and enhance its capability and performance, including a variety or coil options.

At Baugh & Weedon we can offer Encircling Coils, Flux Coils or Special Coils to suit your requirements.



Encircling Coils. A range of interchangeable encircling coils are available. The coil carriage is track mounted at the rear of the bench and is adjustable in height. It can accommodate coils with internal diameters between 300mm and 600mm, while maintaining the centre of the contact pads in line with the coil centre. Head and tailstock design allows coil “parking” behind the faceplate affording clear access to a test piece. If the coil is not in use it can be folded back, out of the way. Round or square split coils, mounted directly to the bed-bars, can also be supplied.

Flux Coils. Magnetising coils with laminated cores built into the head and tailstock provide the “X-Flow” or “Mag Flow”. 

Special Coils. Alternative coils to meet special applications can be supplied, either mounted on the bench, or on a separate free-standing frame. These include spiral or “pancake” coils, encircling coils with laminated cores and split coils, or knife switch coils, with a turntable to rotate the test piece. 


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