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Magnetic Flux Leakage

TruFlux Mini

The TruFlux Mini is a manual Industrial Detail Tank Floor Scanner and is the latest addition to the Baugh and Weedon tank floor scanning range developed to deliver to the operator a full package for a complete tank floor scan solution.

Advantages of the TruFlux Mini include:

  • Inspects though coatings, maximum thickness 6mm
  • Incredibly economic, improves R.O.I
  • Weight 8kg (17.5lbs), including handle 
  • USB connectivity means the TruFlux effectively works as a simple “plug and play” unit
  • Inspection results overlay feature, helps with predictive analysis
  • Off-the-shelf battery technology


TruFlux Mini has the capability of scanning the edge of a floor up to the tank shell wall, into corners and under fixed pipework increasing inspection coverage. Data and defect mapping can be merged with the main sets of scan data acquired by the main inspection data gathered by the TruFlux.

Download our brochure:
Truflux Mini_Iss3.pdf (485.8KB)


Standard Kit



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