Bond Testing with the BondCheck

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance and MIA testing modes.

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance and MIA testing modes.

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance &
MIA testing modes.

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 Teledictor 4618    

The Teledictor 4618 is designed for bench top use, or for integration into new or legacy process control systems. This instrument can be interfaced to automatic test systems, feed conveyors and sorting gates.

The Teledictor 4618 display the familiar impedance plane plot, and allows for independent X and Y gain and detection gate configuration. High speed digital outputs may be interfaced to a PLC or directly to a mechanical segregator. The Teledictor is a single frequency instrument, which is capable of operation in the range 10Hz to 500kHz, although for ferrous product testing low frequencies are typically used.


Typical Applications include:

Sorting Mixed Materials: Segregators can be used for separating most qualities of ferrous and non-ferrous metals at stages of raw material, semi-finished and finished components condition.

Cast segregation in steel: The Teledictor 4618 is ideal for this application as carbon variations of as little as 0.01% can be detected.

Heat Treated Conditions: Differences between normalised, hardened and tempered, annealed conditions in steel and solutionised, precipitation and age hardened conditions in non-ferrous metals are detectable.

Structure: Subtle changes in metallurgical structure caused by cooling rate, re-treatment and prolonged thermal treatment can be identified.

Hardness: Under controlled conditions rapid sorting according to hardness is possible without preparation.

Case Depth: Depth of induction hardening and in some cases carburising, carbo-nitriding and nitriding can be monitored using the Teledictor.

Dimensions: Variations in diameter, length and shape of products can be identified but the degree of influence is dependant on the overall dimensions of the product.


Automatic Sorting Systems

Sorting Bridges are available to "fit" with your inspection and manufacturing processes.  

As a product is passed through the test coil, the instrument compares the signal given with the pre set monitor levels and retains the information on the condition of the product.  This information is used to set the sorting gates of automatic systems to the correct positions.

The opto-isloated outputs of the Teledictor may be interfaced directly to a mechanical component segregator or to a PLC depending on the requirements and complexity of the system.


Download the Teledictor 4618 brochure

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