Bond Testing with the BondCheck

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance and MIA testing modes.

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance and MIA testing modes.

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance &
MIA testing modes.

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  • Two instruments in one allowing you to save on purchase Cost
    Reduced calibration costs
    Excellent results accuracy in all measurement modes
    Lightweight, compact and housed in rugged enclosure
    Battery powered
    Ergonomically designed with protective rubber boot
    Full colour programmable display
    Programmable calibration reminder
    Separate probes and separate cable for convenience and lower spares and maintenance costs

Baugh & Weedon is pleased to present the LumaFlux, a truly Innovative NDT Product. The LumaFlux is a combined Dual UV / White Light Meter and Tangential Field Strength Meter in one rugged Instrumentation package.
With an easy "Swap and Go" system to change Sensors, the LumaFlux rapidly switches between all the established functions of the LumaCheck Dual UV & White Light Meter and the unique benefits of the MagnaCheck 3D Tangential Field Strength Meter. The LumaFlux automatically recognises the Sensor that is connected meaning that the unit operates in the selected mode until the sensors are swapped.

The good news is that the LumaFlux has the same robust enclosure and sensors as the two predecessor Products and, of course, all the same benefits in measurement accuracy and efficiency. However, the LumaFlux is available at a price that is approximately 15% less than purchasing two separate Meters.
Not only is there a saving in capital cost, but the calibration costs for the LumaFlux will also typically prove to be significantly cheaper than calibrating two separate Meters.
The LumaFlux Kit includes the LumaFlux Instrument, Dual UV & White Light Sensor, 3D Tangential Field Strength Probe, Probe Lead, Metal Null Pot and quality Carry Case.


The LumaCheck has been adopted by many of the worlds' major NDT users over the last three years and offers precise measurement of UV and White Light intensity and exceptional measurement stability over long periods of time. The LumaCheck has already proved to be extremely rugged and durable in field use with extremely low 'lifetime cost of ownership'

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The MagnaCheck 3D is a very innovative Instrument in its own right; it is the first Tangential Field Strength Meter to incorporate a '3D Sensor'
This has allowed our Clients to be more efficient in their daily tasks and measure with an enhanced level of confidence.


Specifications could change without notice, if you have any questions regarding this specification or applications please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Download the Lumaflux Brochure