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Pulser-receivers are used in material characterisation work measuring sound velocity or attenuation. Subsequently this can then be correlated to such material properties as elastic modulus or grain orientation.

Pulser-receivers can additionally be used to study frequency dependent material properties or to characterise the performance of ultrasonic transducers.

Advantages of Pulser Recievers include:

  • Both the source impedance of pulser and the input impedance of receiver match to the 50-ohm coaxial cable to minimise signal reflection from the transducer

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Broadsound Pulser Receiver 6006 series are computer controlled ultrasonic pulser/receivers, which can be used in a variety of applications, such as the transducer characterisation, research and development of ultrasonic non-destructive testing, material characterisation, and biomedical research. The Windows-based control panel application and an application programming interface (API) are provided to enable development of custom software. 

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