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Designed for applications where high portability ad freedom of movement is needed, the X750 is lightweight and rugged, providing high-resolution images and advanced imaging functions, enabling workers to deliver results in challenging environments.

Advantages of the X-750 include:

  • 5” high-resolution LCD touch­screen
  • Rear Camera GPS function
  • Different Probe diameters available
  • Probes have a bending angle of 140°C


The X-750 only weighs 1.2kg and the exchangeable batteries provide three hours of operation. Complex applications or hard to access geometries are simplified using the interchangeable insertion probes. Our tungsten-braided insertion probes are not only IP67 certified but also withstand abrasion and heat of up to 100 degrees. The X750 offers super-resolution images and videos (2560*1440) and, the 5″ LCD touchscreen delivers crisp and clear images. Different field-of-view and depth-of-field values for our insertion probes allow you to adjust to your needs.

The X750 is also a multi-connection instrument ad several connection methods are available, including HDMI, USB Type-C, and Wi-Fi. The VideoScopeNow App lets you remote control the X750. Download photos and videos, and share them with customers or colleagues in the office. The X750 features a backside camera with a GPS function. You can use its GPS tags in our Insight software. Here you can map out your photos and add extra annotations to them. delivering great overviews of even the vastest of projects.

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