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PRM 280

The PRM 280 is a versatile and lightweight solution for pipe inspections of all kinds. The PRM280 is rugged and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it an ideal partner for your next inspection.

Advantages of the PRM 280 include:

  • Illuminated inspection of pipes
  • Video recording capability.
  • IP57 rated
  • 7” LCD screen


The PRM280 comes with 30m long interchangeable insertion probes with a super flexible camera head, capable of passing two consecutive 90-degree corners effortlessly. The insertion probe can withstand a water depth of up to 10m; and is also safe to use in unleaded gasoline, diesel, brake/transmission fluid, and machine oil. The PRM280 also supports a transmitter on the camera head, which in conjunction with a 512Hz locator, makes finding the exact location of the camera head extremely convenient.

The camera head possesses eight super-bright LEDs for optimal illumination that help to make sharper and clearer images and videos.  The PRM280 can also be used in different positions, offering versatility and convenience, especially in confined spaces. A variety of accessories is available for the PRM280, such as a centering ball and a cleaning brush. The centering ball assists the insertion probe is being centered even in larger pipes; the cleaning brush can be pushed through the tube, alongside the insertion probe to remove dirt buildups or other residues. For larger ducts, a wagon is available, which has extendable legs and can adjust perfectly to any tube with a diameter of up to 30cm.



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