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Magnetic Particle Inspection

PBU 350

Offering outstanding MPI performance teamed with the robust design, this portable bench, weighing in at 80kg (176lbs), means that with two personnel it can be moved easily around a site and used wherever there is a power source, your inspection location becomes highly adaptable.

Advantages of the PBU 350 MPI Portable Bench include:

  • "Bi-Directional Coils" The PBU-350 is offered with a choice of 100mm or 150mm MPI Coil that is clamped between the head and tailstocks. The advantage with the Baugh & Weedon PBU-350 Coils is that they are bi-directional meaning that one coil can be turned at 90° and clamped in either direction, meaning that defects can easily be investigated in either plane.
  • Optional Flux Flow. The standard PBU Unit is built with Current Flow. However, Flux Flow can be added integrally to the PBU-350 unit allowing the user to find transverse defects without needing to use a coil.


The PBU 350 Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Bench Unit offers great MPI performance teamed with the outstanding quality and is seen to be “A perfect portable MPI solution”. The PBU is ideal for small component testing so larger MPI Benches can remain dedicated to larger component inspection, shippable to off-site locations for “in-situ” instant inspection requirements.

The PBU uses a gas spring to provide the clamping pressure on the headstock that ensures optimum electrical contact with the component under test. We have also developed the coil to offer bi-directional clamping allowing the coil to be manually rotated at 90° for maximum inspection flexibility. Maximum component length is 35cms (13.8”).

Download our brochure:
PBU 350 MPI Portable Bench (662.7KB)


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