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My-3 Hand Held Inspection Yoke

The MY-3 is a compact, lightweight, handheld electromagnetic yoke unit featuring powerful AC magnetising,

adjustable poles, ideal for one handed operation.                MY3 UV Light Battery Pack 7cms

It’s small size makes the MY-3 ideal for inspecting different geometries, welds, castings and on-site inspections, especially where there is limited access. 

The MY-3 is supplied with a 4.5m detachable cable. Using a detachable cable means they are easy to replace, improving performance, eliminating “down-time” and extending product life.      

 Download the MY-3 Inspection Yoke Brochure





 • AC magnetic field. 

• Detachable cable. 

• Rugged & reliable construction. 

• Lightweight unit (2.3kg) 

• Articulated legs. 

• Ergonomic design for comfortable grip. 

• UV & white lights available. 

• Yoke battery pack available - true AC. 

 Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.