Bond Testing with the BondCheck

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance and MIA testing modes.

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance and MIA testing modes.

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance &
MIA testing modes.

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X-RIS X-Ray Imaging Solutions actively develop and supply innovative solutions in digital radiography for a broad variety of Industrial Sectors and Security.  X-RIS also designs and manufactures their own mechanical and electro-mechanical solutions for Dxbox cabinets, upgrades and bespoke solutions.

X-RIS can provide you complete X-ray cabinets as well as upgrade kits to digital for your existing inspection cabinets :

  • RAD upgrade kits (from film to digital).
  • RT solutions with differents sizes, kV etc.
  • Standard X-Ray cabinets -  Dxbox-200
  • Dxbox-320-6 with it's astrolabe (TM)

X-RIS Maestro NDT software has numerous features and modules to satisfy all your needs and complies with the standards and requirements of many key industrial applications:

  • DICONDE format
  • Integrated X-ray generator control
  • Multi-point calibration
  • Automatic reporting
  • NDT specifc Tools & Features
  • High specification image processing


Dxbox Digital X-Ray Inspection Cabinets


A SMART NDT inspection cabinet.

Dxbox 200 sm     Dxbox 200 open small

The Dxbox-200 is a standard X-Ray cabinet which can be used with all our portable and fixed monobloc X-ray generators (GemXµGemX,GXC and µGXC up to 200 kV) and with all our Dereo detectors. The Dxbox-200 is easy to use, to move and is ideal for a quick "one-shot" job as well as for routine work. The benefit of geometrical magnification can be gained by moving the test sample up and down within the cabinet.

If using a portable generator and detector with Dxbox-200, these can be removed at any time for work in the feild, increasing your inspection capability.

Download the Dxbox-200 brochure



High Speed Fully Automated Digital Radiography System for Casting Inspection

   Dxbox 320 C5 small2    Dxbox 320 C5 open big part small

The Dxbox-320-C5 is a revolutionary system designed with a 650mm "radio-transparent" turntable, so that parts can be inspected in any direction, even through the turntable; therefore unneccessary handling and repositioning of parts is no longer needed.

Applications include:

  • Ideal for the X-Ray of complex objects.
  • High speed routine work for aerospace quality control.
  • Castings and Welds 
  • Composite materials

 Download the Dxbox-320-C5 brochure

Find out more via this link - Dxbox-320-C5 Video 



Fully automatic 320kV 6 axis digital X-Ray cabinet. 

dx box 320 det light

The Dxbox-320-6 houses the Astrolab manipulator which allows you to X-Ray every aspect and detail of your inspection part from all directions, using 6 axes. Operators can record the manipulator positions and sequences; launching the sequences when required, saving a huge amount of time and cost when compared to manual handling methods.  

X-RIS systems can deliver high levels of flexibility in configuration and can supply different X-ray generators (up to 450 kV), different tubes with different focal spots (down to 5µ) and DDA (with different active surfaces and resolutions).

 Applications include:

  • X-Ray of complex objects
  • Welds on plates and tubes.
  • Items manufactured from composite materials.

Download the DxBox 320-6 brochure



Dereo RAD

Upgrade from Film to Digital - X-ray DDA for silver film replacement for your Stationary System

   Screenshot 2020 11 10 at 17.26.20          Screenshot 2020 11 10 at 17.28.40

Dereo RAD offers a simple and efficient solution to upgrade your existing X-ray inspection cabinet to digital: installation and the complete training can be done in 2 days and your X-ray generator and your bespoke protocols can be integrated in our software.

You will also benefit from the user-friendliness of image processing capabilites of Maestro, to master digital technology. The Dereo complete solution is NADCAP, PR5250 and BS7044 compliant. Solutions can be provided up to 600 kV. 

Applications include:

  • Welds on pipes and plates.
  • Honeycomb Structures, composite materials (wrinkles & inclusions).
  • Historical assets.
  • Forensic investigations.
  • Al, Fe, Inconel, other alloys and plastic casting defects e.g. porosity, shrinkage and inclusions.

Download Dereo RAD brochure


Dereo RT

Upgrade from an Image Intensifier to a Flat Panel

Screenshot 2020 11 10 at 17.46.52     Screenshot 2020 11 10 at 17.47.10

Keep your existing shielded cabinet and CP X-ray generator (up to 450 kV), the DeReO RT is autonomous, requiring no synchronization with your X-ray
generator.  Manual or programmable routine inspections are configurable and customization is possible. Replace your films, your image intensifier and even your conventional

 Applications include:

  • Weld inspection (SAW, ERW, spot, seam, laser welds etc.)
  • Al, Fe, Ti, alloys, plastic casting defects such as porosities,
thermal cracks and inclusions.
  • Composite materials (wrinkles, material inclusions, wings, ailerons etc.)

  • Confirmation of mechanical or electrical components locations within objects.
  • Ammunitions inspection (detection of chemical liquids, defect detection in explosives or in the shell).

Download the Dereo RT brochure