Bond Testing with the BondCheck

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance and MIA testing modes.

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance and MIA testing modes.

Multi-Mode Bond Testing.
Pitch-Catch, Resonance &
MIA testing modes.

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In security, hardware must be rugged, deployed with speed and easy to use.  Each application has specific requirements and different accessory needs (Backpack, Tough shell, ...). Several features (panel size, penetration, wireless communication, ...) must be optimized to meet the needs of the field requirements.

X-RIS offers two customizable solutions:
    - the Dereo UP kit : the lightest and highest-end portable solution in the world, 
    - the Dereo PS kit : a real time Photodiode Sensor array system with a pixel of 80 µm.


Security X-Ray Solutions


Ultra Portable X-Ray DDA with embeddd wireless module and battery.

Sans titre 2                          Poartbla esecurity unit and image


Dereo UP is a portable digital X-Ray system for indoor and outdoor X-Ray inspection jobs.  Can be partnered with Bipods and tripods for on site work, various touchpads and laptops are available depending on the application environment.

Applications include:

  • Inspections of parcels, cars (doors, trunk, tyres) pieces of luggag, walls..
  • Customs & Border control
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Forensic applications
  • Special Forces
  • EOD & IED
  • VIP Security

Maestro Touch & Maestro Software features

  • Zoom in / out, screen adjustment, rotation, horizontal and vertical flip, cropping, etc
  • Access to the LUT (look-up-table)
  • Black and white reversal
  • Annotations
  • Real time magnifier
  • Real time filters (Defect, Contrast, Edge, Noise reduction, …)
  • Smart measurement tools

Download Dereo UP Security Brochure



Battery powered Portable X-Ray DDA for Security Inspections. 

Dereo PS smaller           Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 12.48.31     Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 12.58.39


Applications include:

  • Inspections of suspicious objects in public areas (IED)
  • Inspections of parcels, cars, luggage or in the scope of counter smuggling (border and custom control)
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Crime Scene or forensic laboratory applications.

Dereo PS options include use with a GemX constant potential X-Ray generator,  wireless modules, IP66 carrying case, Backpack are also available.

Compliant with all major NDT Standards (ISO17636, ASTM-E2698, E2736, E2737, E2597, Safran PR5250, Airbus AITM 6-7007 and Boeing BSS-7044.

Download Dereo PS Brochure


Special Solutions

X-RiS are well established in the design and supply of fully customised hardware and software solutions ranging from X-Ray generators with on-board "special features", to mobile converted containers for the inspection eg on-site inspection of war ammunitions (bombs of 500+kg).