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Pragma NDT

PRAGMA is specialized in the design, manufacturing and selling of portable instruments and systems for non-destructive testing (NDT). Our Phased Array Ultrasound Solutions are helping markets such as aerospace, oil and gas, transportation and heavy industries.


Pragma Pro

The PragmaPro is based on a modular cartridge technology and supports various NDT instrument modalities such as UT, PAUT, ECT and many more. This new platform is based on a machined, powder-coated aluminium frame for shock-proofness, best sealing qualities and maximum heat dissipation. This is practical to extend the outdoor temperature range and/or to extend the power injected in the transducers. The PragmaPro is aiming at a very wide range of applications, such as weld scanning, corrosion mapping and composite testing.


  • Amazing Screen
  • The screen is the most important thing on an instrument: it’s how you see signals, images and measurements.  That’s why we chose perhaps the best display technology available in the world.  It shows a fantastic image resolution while allowing a powerful brightness for sunlight-readability.
  • Multi-touch capability
  • We turned our back to the old resistive touch technology, as featured on other instruments.  We embraced Projected-Capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch technology, because it’s the future of GUI.  And we chose a 3.0mm scratch-proof glass to protect it.
  • Unique keypad
  • The UNITOP silicone keypad provides a good tactile response on the keys.  It will also prevent dirt adherence and maintain its feel and performance over a wide temperature range.
  • Go with the flow!
  • The QuickFlow™ button allows a very quick access to the parameters you want to control.  As you rotate from left to right, you build up your complete instrument setup very intuitively. 
  • Modular
  • The PragmaPro is modular and ready to support several cartridges for UT, PAUT, ECT and other advanced NDT methods.
  • TouchScreen & Buttons - The best of both worlds
  • The multi-touchscreen and the 8 scrollwheels allow a very intuitive navigation and control of the instrument.  The QuickFlow™ button and scrollwheels allow the user to quickly access the relevant parameters, an inspiration from the vintage flaw detectors.

Advanced Interfacing

The PragmaPro is featuring severals connectors in order to interface efficiently.  Up to four(4) USB devices can be directly connected to the unit at 2.0 Full-Speed (480 Mbps). High-quality digital video output is sent through HDMI.    A Micro-SD slot is also available.


Pragma Pro Instrument Platform Brochure

Application Notes

  • Bridges & Towers
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Thin Wall Pipe applications
  • Wind turbine towers


This platform was engineered for scanner-mounted instrumentation. It’s essentially a docking for a standard cartridge in order to allow remote control using Ethernet. Because it has no display or battery, it’s smaller than a PragmaLite. However, it’s got the same connectors plus industrial inputs and outputs.



If your inspection is automated, the PragmaPod will bring instrumentation close to the moving search unit(s). That will reduce the cable length significantly, which will improve signal quality, simplify the umbilical, and avoid accidents that can damage your probe(s).


The platform can be used with several cartridges: one cartridge per NDT modality. So one day you can inspect with phased array, then the next day it can be EMAT or eddy current or something else. Ideal to minimize costs, training time and hassle to deal with many instruments or suppliers.


Because it uses the same cartridge system, you can develop and qualify an inspection procedure on the PragmaLite, then simply take the cartridge and put it on the PragmaPod for field inspection. The essential variables will follow along! This is a great advantage to reduce overall costs and calendar time, from idea to inspection.


The frame is machined in aluminium with 3mm walls and is painted with durable black powder coating. It can be mounted on any VESA-type support with 4 screws. The connector flaps are also machined, sealed and screwable, for improved protection on the field.

PragmaPod Brochure


The PragmaLite is perfect for portable applications. Its compact form-factor features the right balance of screen size, keypad and battery autonomy. The convenient scroll-wheel is ideally designed for easy menu navigation, fast cursor movement and precise parameter adjustment. And the black aluminium body and rubber pads make it suited for field inspections.

DESIGNED FOR INDUSTRIAL CUSTOMERS:  The PragmaLite is designed for ruggedness, fan-less operation, modularity and compact size. We gave it a shape nobody has, with a screen that is optimally oriented for large scrolling or multi-pane data. So it’s not another industrial PC packaged with rubber corners. It’s a PragmaLite !

MODULAR: The platform can be used with several cartridges: one cartridge per NDT modality. So one day you can inspect with phased array, then the next day it can be EMAT or eddy current or something else. Ideal to minimize costs, training time and hassle to deal with many instruments or suppliers.

EASY TO USE: The scroll-wheel and keypad are designed to make the navigation through the user interface easy and fluid.  “Over-moulded” with rubber and they have a nice « click » feeling, so it’s well-suited for operation with gloves full of dirt or couplant, for example.

RUGGED: The frame is made of bare aluminium with a rugged black powder coating. It is reinforced with strong rubber and sealed. The PragmaLite screen has the first scratch-proof chemically-enhanced glass in the NDT market.