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Innotec UK

Innotec UK specialise in developing integrated NDT solutions and we believe that Innotec UK offer cutting edge solutions for automated NDT remote access crawlers and robotic deployment solutions for hard to access areas.  All of the Innotec crawler solutions are compatible with a wide selection of NDT probes and technologies.


Hunter is a modular remote access crawler designed for cost-effective NDT ultrasonic imaging of ferromagnetic structures such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, large diameter pipes and ship hulls without the need for rope access; thus, eliminating potential risks associated with manual inspections specifically in hazardous or difficult to access terrains.

Applications include

  • Corrosion Mapping
  • Thickness gauging/B-Scan
  • Weld Inspection and critical defect sizing
  • Visual Inspection

Available Hunter Packages include:

TOFD Weld inspection: full coverage for weld defect detection, ability to measure "through wall", water irrigated TOFD probes ensure reliable inspection.

Ultrasonic B-Scan: Thickness measurement readings every 1mm or as specified, excellent resolution, cross sectional views of inspected surface possible.

Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping: measures the extent of corrosion producing a corrosion map, water irrigated TR probes for optimum UT performance. 

Download the Hunter Brochure

ICM Rover

Icm RoverThe ICM rover is a multi-payload, fall-protected, vacuum adhered climbing crawler which is suitable for a wide variety of critical missions such as remotely deployed NDT inspection and surveys, lead paint removal, surface decontamination, removal of chemical and biological agents.  This clever piece of equipment has a light weight rolling seal element that allows adhering to magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces, providing a cost-effective and safe alternative to traditional methods of inspection, repair and maintenance.

Key Benefits

Ease of use and deployment.

ICM Rover’s modular design ensures quick integration with inspection technology (NDT sensors) by a single operator from a remote location (under 30 mins to set up) resulting in greater worker safety. With a weight less than 21m kg, ICM Rover is built to climb over obstacles, uneven surfaces and contours. It only takes 7.1 cm/sec for the platform to climb smooth surfaces.

Provides reliable data.

ICM Rover significantly improves the quality of data collected as it moves over inspection surfaces, providing auditable results with the elimination of human error. ICM Rover’s ability to continuously record NDT signals also ensures instant reporting of signals in real-time for data analysis by the operator.

Cost effective.

ICM Rover’s unique advantage is its ability to perform very accurate inspection tasks at a lower cost in comparison to other platforms of a similar magnitude. ICM Rover is built to enable operators to carry out planned inspection tasks in a safer fashion, reducing downtime, guaranteeing cost savings and increased asset lifespan.

Download the ICM Rover Brochure